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By Nanette Nelson, LCMHC This is my last week to discuss mental health issues and I’d like to focus on my specialty, trauma. For those of you who have heard my other talks, trauma also has levels of function. Some trauma symptoms are caused by a single event and chronic trauma can be caused by […]

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By Nanette Nelson, LCMHC This week I’d like to address anxiety. As with depression, there are levels to the clinical presentation of anxiety. Most of us worry about things from time to time, but once again, when we are not able to function because of our worries professional help may be necessary. Anxiety can cause

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By Nanette Nelson, LCMHC Last week I spoke with you about normalizing mental health and illness with those around you. Today I want to talk about one such issue that I’m willing to bet we’ve all experienced – depression. I would like to share that I experienced a significant depression when my first husband left

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By Nanette Nelson, LCMHC For those of you who don’t know, I am a mental health therapist and how I came to this career was a journey. Years ago, I was a Dental Hygienist who gave birth to a child on the Autism Spectrum. As I came to learn of his disability and how to

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